Relaxation Technique : Yoga – Preparing to quit smoking

Lady doing Yoga at sunrise.Yoga teaches you to control your breath, body, and mind. Yoga is complex, if you are interested in Yoga seek out a teacher to guide you and teach you. This exercise will introduce you to beginning yoga poses. The person positions the body in the pose and practices certain breathing techniques and/or meditations. Try to hold the pose for about a minute. There are many different breathing techniques in Yoga. The 4-7-8 breathing technique can be used. There are different poses for stretching, meditation, and physical strength. Some poses are physically demanding, don’t strain yourself or hold the pose if it hurts! When you quit smoking, strike a pose, instead of smoking a cigarette!

Please Post if you like to do Yoga.

Now Strike a Pose! 

Yoga Treepose Yoga Warrior Pose
Warrior Pose Left Yoga Halfmoon Pose
Yoga Halfmoon Pose Left Yoga Standing Forward Bend Pose
Yoga Thunderbolt Pose Yoga Cat and Dog Pose
Yoga Cobra Pose Yoga Downward Dog Pose
 Yoga Plank Pose  Yoga Half Locust Pose
 Yoga Half Locust Pose Left  Yoga Bow Pose
 Yoga Child Pose  Yoga Extended Arm Child Pose
Yoga Spinal Twist Pose Yoga Spinal Twist Pose Left
Yoga Bound Angle Pose  Yoga Reclining Leg Stretch
 Yoga Reclining Leg Stretch Left  Yoga Pigeon Pose
 Yoga Pigeon Pose Left  Yoga Seated Leg Stretch Pose
 Yoga Seated Leg Stretch Left  Yoga Sitting Forward Bend Pose
 Yoga Rabbit Pose  Yoga Shoulder Stand Pose
 Yoga Fish Pose  Yoga Bridge Pose
 Yoga Boat Pose Yoga Reclining Spinal Twist
Yoga RecliningSpinal Twist Left Yoga Corpse Pose

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